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About the Author

Dana Bloome

Dana’s passion for the outdoors began as a young child residing in the small town of North, SC. The neighborhood and backyard served as her places for adventures. She often spent time on her father’s logging job during the summer, where she would play and gain experiences that would later lead her to a career in forestry and logging. 

Dana’s love for literature flourished as she matriculated through the illustrious Claflin University as an English Major and member of the well-respected Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College. Upon graduation, she was accepted to the highly esteemed University of Georgia’s Warnell School for Forestry and Natural Resources as a graduated student. There, she was able to feed her passion with the necessary knowledge and techniques to become a good forester. Dana has worked as a forester across the southeast, with some of the largest forestry companies. She was also employed as a skidder operator on her father’s logging job. She now resides in Sumter, SC with her family and is the owner of Family Tree Forestry, LLC. The logger she contracts is her father, Larry, the owner of D&L Logging, LLC. 

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